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Testing & Surveys

Preventing emergencies

When you’ve got electric appliances or installations it’s wise to have them checked over by an expert from time-to-time.  The last thing you want, at home or in the workplace, is a fire or someone getting seriously injured – or even killed – by electrics that have developed a fault.

There’s a lot of talk about unnecessary health and safety legislation, but when you’re dealing with a potential fatality it’s worth erring on the side of caution.

The other side of surveys and testing is that it could be possible to improve the efficiency of your installation so your electricity bills go down – and our experts are always ready to advise on energy saving strategies.

Portable Appliance Testing

Often referred to as PAT testing, it’s actually all about checking that electrical appliances and equipment is safe and working as it should.

Finding a defect can save a life – and having that all important pass certificate means peace-of-mind.

This applies to any appliance that you can plug in, whether at your office or devices that are carried by your staff wherever they are.  You can find that a PAT certificate is often required to take portable appliances into other premises, such as large organisations, exhibitions, conferences or trade shows.  This will include laptops, projectors or any other electrically or battery-driven devices.